Aly has been a professional hairstylist since 2006, receiving her cosmetology license while attending high school.  After high school, she attended San Diego State University, majoring in business.  During this time, she continued her hair training under Franck Houdin, former head stylist for Dior in Paris.  Franck taught her his extraordinary blow-drying technique and, while working with Franck, Aly had the opportunity to style many celebrities including Tony Hawk.

    After moving back to the Bay Area to be closer to family, Aly created a unique yet simple hair styling and makeup business concept.  Shortly after, she launched the successful Blow Dry Bar business at the age of 22. 


    Provide the best blowout to make women feel as confident as possible.  Anyone can provide a blowout service, but what makes us special is the quality of our work coupled with our excellent customer service we pride ourselves on.  We make sure every woman who walks out our door feels like their 45 minute service exceeded all their expectations.

    Our vibe is extremely upbeat and welcoming.  You can either use 'bdb studio' as a social setting where you can chat with your stylist for 45 minutes or choose to sit back and relax and catch up on reading with our iPads.