Innersense Organic Beauty - BOOST Body Hair Ceremony Bundle

Innersense Organic Beauty - BOOST Body Hair Ceremony Bundle

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A Hair Ceremony to Boost Body

Includes: Pure Harmony Hairbath, Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner, Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner, I Create Life Volumizing Foam, I Create Finish

To add volume for any hair type


1. Start this ritual by massaging a quarter-sized amount of Pure Harmony Hairbath into hair, beginning at scalp and then working your way down to the ends, massaging and adding water as needed to build a lather. Rinse well.

2. Leave on for 3-5 minutes, adding water and massaging ends for deep penetration. Rinse.

3. Follow with Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner, working through hair from mid-length to ends to detangle. Leave on for 1-5 minutes for maximum absorption. Rinse.

4. Mist post-shower hair with Sweet Spirit Leave-In Conditioner. Do not rinse.

5. Apply golf ball size amount of I Create Lift into palms. Emulsify and distribute evenly throughout the hair. Scrunch hair, air dry, blow dry, or diffuse.

6. To set your style, spray I Create Finish for hold and added shine.

Innerflection: Through self-acceptance, I am fully present for myself and others.